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Welcome to Edwin's Homepage.

This page gets updated once in a blue moon—perhaps because I am experimenting with CSS or HTML or scripting this or that, or I happen across something interesting I want to save for later.

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Music Book Catalog

I have lots of Christian music books. The catalog makes it easy to find a particular song. Bold indicates books I have and italics indicates books I don't have, but I have other books in the series, or I happened across them and I added them to my catalog.

The catalog is maintained in MS-Excel and the sheet1 is sorted then saved as a web page 2 different ways. The resulting HTML files are manipulated a bit using pubmusicbookcatalog/touchvi.


Any worth while thing done manually twice is worth writing a script for.

I generally use KSH/BASH and AWK. I use a script template that is about 120 lines, so even a short bit of code will be at least 120 lines line. Also, various comments (which can include NROFF codes) and other bits are of a specific format so that my manpage generator (/scripts/genmanstub) can extract information from them.

Scripts written by others that I've modified will be noted in the header of the script.


Odds and Ends

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