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[   ]a2ps2 10-Aug-2007 12:36 18KFront-end for a2ps to allow easy to remember script names to be use for automatically formatting printed output.
[   ]bkupmysql 08-Jul-2010 07:30 5.3Kbacks up a MySQL database to 1 file and to individual files.
[   ]catsafiles 03-Mar-2007 13:06 4.7KGiven a modified (see below) /usr/lib/sa/sa1 file that will write hourly sar data to /var/log/sa/sa this script will cat the hourly files together into a single (and expected by sar) daily file. This is necessary because the Mac OS X sadc data collector w>
[   ]cvsstatus 10-Mar-2007 09:13 9.3Kparses 'cvs status' output to columnized format
[   ]gengmtest2 12-Jul-2007 18:16 4.0K 
[   ]gengoogmaphtml 04-Dec-2009 09:16 5.6KScript to take a data file with garage sale address information from (or any properly formated data) and generate a HTML file that will allow the loading of place marks using the Google Maps API. Renamed from gengmtest2 to gengoogmaphtm>
[   ]genimageinfofile 07-Feb-2007 14:55 5.7Kruns identify on images so that size data can be used by CGI scripts
[   ]genmanstub 06-Feb-2007 13:16 29Kgenerates man page stubs from the contents of the specified shell script(s).
[   ]genplots 05-Mar-2007 14:56 8.1Kprocesses specified or found gnuplot command files
[   ]gsinfo 12-Jul-2007 16:35 3.7KScript to reformat garage sale info on
[   ]linelength 10-Aug-2007 15:32 4.7Kdisplays all/maximum line lengths of a file.
[   ]lismeta 29-Jan-2007 12:13 13Kdisplays raw or processed output from metastat.
[   ]lisswap 16-Feb-2006 16:53 5.9Kreformats the swap -l and swap -s output
[   ]localize 06-Feb-2007 13:27 3.7KSet common values to be used by numerous scripts
[   ]psynclinkfind 24-Dec-2004 09:14 2.9KScript to search the destination volume and find directories which are now symlinks on the source volume.
[   ]pubmusicbookcatalog 10-Mar-2007 10:52 3.9KQ&D script to publish the music book catalog HTML files to the web server.
[   ]sarplotcpu 05-Mar-2007 16:16 14Kgenerates PNG charts from sar CPU data using gnuplot.
[   ]tableto1line 30-Oct-2005 22:42 3.5Kmerges an HTML table row into 1 line
[   ]touchvi 10-Mar-2007 11:38 5.7Krestores the original datestamp on a file after editing it
[   ]toupper 05-Jul-2003 11:30 74 convert lower case characters to upper case using awk
[   ]vips 06-Feb-2007 13:24 4.2Kgreps ps output for vi/vim processes
[   ]x 30-Jan-2007 10:56 1.2K 
[   ]xasdf 30-Jan-2007 10:55 912 Script to display disk usage in a more 'friendly' format than df Script to display disk usage in a more 'friendly' format than df Script to display disk usage in a more 'friendly' format than df Script to display disk usage in a more 'friendly' format tha>